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Wall to wall carpeting is a wonderful choice for flooring in a home or office. It is soft underfoot and creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Wall to wall carpeting and area rugs, however, can sometimes pose a challenge to keep clean, and owners must be more diligent in cleaning carpets and protecting them in order to make the carpeting last as long as it possibly can.

Regular vacuum cleaning can help solve the majority of carpet issues. It must be done frequently enough in high traffic areas to consistently remove the dirt and debris that is tracked onto the carpet each day. Over time, however, some of those dirt particles sink down into the carpet fibers and actually wear away at the fibers, causing it to look worn and old before it should.

For this reason, routine professional carpet cleaning is a must! Carpet Cleaning Bronx can offer excellent methods to clean the wall to wall carpeting and area rugs in either your home or business location.

Steam Cleaning Process

Although there are a number of carpet cleaning methods, carpet steam cleaning achieves the most thorough clean for your carpeting with zero negative side effects. The steam cleaning process involves bringing our powerful, truck mounted machine to your location. We then will inject a fine spray of hot water into the carpeting, which agitates the dirt and debris, shaking them off of the carpet fibers. Then, our professional grade vacuums will suck away all of that dirt, water and other unwanted debris, removing it into a holding tank on the truck.

No matter what the scale of your needs are - one small area rug in your home or an office full of wall to wall carpeting - Carpet Cleaning Bronx can and will meet your needs. Although it is best to maintain regular professional carpet cleaning from day one of installing new carpeting, if you have inherited carpet that has not been taken such great care of, Carpet Cleaning Bronx can still do a lot in turning it around. We can treat many difficult stains, and remove a lot of the dirt and debris causing a dirty, dingy look for the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Bronx professional's cleaning methods will greatly brighten and sanitize your carpets, in addition to protecting them from future stains.

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