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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning New York Simple helps you tom maintain cleaning environment, you must know that breathing air which has circulated through passages that are lined with airborne contaminants can't be good for us. If you don't want to take chances with your family's health, call us to check your vents, air ducts & air conditioning. We are air duct cleaning business that makes air conditioning duct cleaning and other ventilation system duct cleaning their primary concern.

In addition, Carpet Cleaning New York has already added duct cleaning to the rug, carpet and upholstery cleaning services they already offer. Often, rather than using a special air duct cleaning machine, we use powerful truck mounted steam cleaners to clean your air ducts.

There are no effective air duct cleaning do it yourself guidelines, as all extremely dedicated cleaning methods require the use of professional equipment, i.e. air compressor, air cleaning conditioning duct heating system or any other air duct cleaning system. This is not a task recommended for amateurs, therefore we do not recommend to use carpet cleaning rentals for cleaning your air ducts.

New York Air Duct Cleaning Process

New York Air Duct Cleaning uses massive air duct cleaning equipment that is housed in an air duct cleaning truck. While air duct cleaning technique varies among different air passages, there are only a few basic steps:

First, cleaning and disinfect all air vents as a standard part of the process.

Second, use of powerful equipment to create a backflow, or reverse airflow, throughout the duct system. This is the reason why ducts cleaning equipment used must have strong suction power and an equally strong blower power, especially in small spaces where technicians cannot enter and provide manual cleaning.

Also, you can ask us to apply anti-microbial spray to keep fungus and mold from returning. Call Carpet Cleaning New York representative today at 646-688-3529 for a free estimate regarding your air duct cleaning needs.

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