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Hardwood flooring, by definition, is a hard wood floor covering, made of woods such as oak, pine, spruce, maple, pecan and others. The latest trends in wood flooring include greener alternatives to these traditional floor types. Bamboo, cork and eucalyptus specially grown for this purpose are examples of this type of flooring material. Whether you've installed a laminate floor, oak flooring, or a bamboo floor, proper treatment of your floor - from professional wood floor refinishing to finding the right floor cleaner - will help you wood floor last longer and look better.

Wood Floor Refinishing New York - FAQ

here are some frequently asked question about hardwood floor refinishing and wood Floor Refinishing New York answers

What's the best way to clean my bamboo floor?

Cleaning a bamboo floor is just like cleaning any wood floor: Sweep or dust regularly. Avoid the use of any harsh, coarse or sharp tools or materials. Instead, invest in a good, soft broom and a dust mop. Be careful of vacuum cleaners, which can scratch the bamboo surface. Damp mop as necessary, being careful not to over-wet the floor as this may cause staining, or in worse case scenarios, warping and the onset of mold.

What can I do about scuff marks and scratches?

Scuff marks are easy to deal with. Use a clean cloth to lightly rub the area. You can use a commercial floor cleaning product, but why risk damaging the floor with an incompatible cleaning agent? Instead, try gently rubbing the spot with a used dryer sheet.

*Note: Believe it or not, you shoes are your floor's enemy. The minute you walk in the door, your bottom of your shoe acts like sandpaper on the floor surface. Minute grains of dirt, sand and other materials gather on the soles of your shoes as you go about your business during the day. Cut down on floor wear and tear and the appearance of scuffs and scratches by installing rugs in entryways and high-traffic pathways. Even better, keep slippers right near the door and change into them as soon as you enter your home.

We recently bought a new house with hardwood floors.
The floors are in such bad shape, I am considering covering them with carpets. Is there another solution?

Wood floors are very forgiving and respond well to properly conducted renovation. Wood floor renovation and rejuvenation is a process that starts with sanding down the outer layer and continues on to painting or staining or glazing. While there is plenty of literature available that explains the refinishing process in great detail, before taking this type of job on as a do-it-yourself project, you should be aware that hardwood floor refinishing is a complicated, messy process that requires a significant amount of time, physical strength and stamina. If successful, diy wood floor refinishing leads to astonishing results, but if you make a mistake or two along the way, you may do more damage than good.

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Luckily, you can save yourself the hassle by calling on New York Wood Floor Refinishing, your local hardwood floor specialists. After conducting an on-site inspection, we can tell you if your floor is a candidate for refinishing or if all you need is a professional polish. Call today at Carpet Cleaning New York 646-688-3529 and ask for a free estimate.

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