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Consider calling Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn if you are you interested in brightening your dingy and dirty carpets, or if you are you tired of being embarrassed when people come over and see how worn your carpets are. Before you spend all the money required to replace them entirely, we at Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn can clean your carpets so well, you will be amazed!

There are a number of carpet cleaning methods, some of which are older methods and some are newer. A newer method is carpet steam cleaning, or 'hot water extraction'.

Steam Cleaning

In steam cleaning, hot water (which has long been known for its sanitizing ability) is sprayed into your carpets forcefully. This spray shakes dirt, dust, dust mites, pollen, and other unwanted particles free from the carpet fibers. Then, the water and debris is all sucked away by a powerful vacuum.

Steam cleaning has a number of advantages:

  1. There are no chemicals or detergents used, so it is entirely eco- and family-friendly. In addition, it is safe for your carpets and absolutely will not damage any fibers, which can occur with repeated use of harsh chemicals.
  2. Because the force behind the water injection does the work rather than the water itself, when professional equipment is used, drying time for carpets is quite minimal, especially when compared with other carpet cleaning methods.
  3. Steam cleaning achieves a deep clean because the water is injected deep down into the fibers, whereas other cleaning methods simply clean the surface of the carpet. Steam cleaning is an excellent choice for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, because more irritants are removed from the carpeting, and no odors or perfumes are left behind.

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn can tackle your wall to wall carpeting as well as area rugs. And don't forget your upholstered furniture and drapery! This is an often overlooked aspect of homes and office buildings, but requires the same routine cleaning care as carpeting to protect it and extend its lifespan.

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn will amaze and astound you with our ability to remove stains and brighten carpeting and upholstery.

Call Carpet Cleaning New York today at 646-688-3529 for a free estimate.

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